Gallery Kaplička

Perhaps you’ve had the experience of attending a concert and finding yourself humming your favourite tune long after, or you can remember a time when you completely lost your tongue after watching a movie, struck silent by the feelings it evoked in you. Perhaps, after finishing a novel that you had been reading for a long time, you longed to return to the world that you entered through the open pages and, for a time, were a part of. Perhaps at times you stand in quiet awe in front of a painting without having the slightest idea about how it was created, or “what the artist was trying to say“, and yet it amazes you and speaks to you on such a level that you will always remember it.
If any of this resonates with you, then I don’t have to explain to you why I founded Gallery Kaplička in 1997 out of admiration of the vast human imagination (and with a certain amount of naive enthusiasm).
Under the arched ceiling of the baroque chapel of St. Cross in Hodonín, you will find original artworks by contemporary Czech and Slovak artists. However, if you don’t live close by, it’s raining cats and dogs, or it happens to be midnight and the gallery is closed, you can at least take a look through this website.


The Chapel of St. Cross

The gallery is situated in the baroque chapel of St. Cross, which was built in 1720 at the request of the countess Anna Maria of Liechtenstein on the grounds of the new cemetery. The chapel has a single nave with a semi-circular apse and a barrel vault. There is also a triangular gable at the west-facing facade, on which there is the entrance with niches on each side. During the Napoleonic Wars, the chapel served as a store for weapons and armour. In 1902, the cemetery was closed and later converted into a public park. Today, the chapel is a listed building.